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Society today is very aware of how their environment affects them. People are conscious of information shared in studies; for example, what type of materials can cause cancer or what inhaling polluted air is detrimental to their respiratory system. Teaching children hand washing is global, and government bodies are keen to ensure that customers are using products that won’t harm them.

What about things around the house affecting us? We are talking about germs. Our homes and rooms might be clean, but there are items that we tend to neglect. As a result, they gather more bacteria than we could ever imagine.

The problem

You’ve heard it said; our phones are ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. The fact that you use those same hands to grab a donut on your way to your desk is somewhat- no- very horrifying. It is likely that this fact will not entirely faze you. There are hand sanitizers and wet wipes that you can use to keep your phone sanitized. While that is indeed an excellent place to start, getting liquids on your phone or other devices are not quite something we are comfortable with, unless you’ve gone swimming with your phone.

What about the toothbrush? Research that the University of Manchester did in London tells us there are 100 million bacteria on our toothbrushes, including E. coli and staphylococci (Staph) bacteria. The University of Alabama at Birmingham did similar research and frighteningly found that there tend to be fecal germs on our toothbrushes as well. Those are the realities of leaving your toothbrush in the washroom.

The Solution

If you are irked, and especially when it comes to your toothbrush, we first suggest that you read till the end before you bin your toothbrush and change their location. The greatest inventions came about when people were solving problems. A company that is aware of the realities of germs in our immediate environment produced Zero Germ for all your sanitizing needs.

How does Zero Germ work?

Zero Germ is a device that uses UV light to sanitize just about anything, as long as it fits into the device itself. That includes your glasses, car keys, remote control, makeup brushes and the like. That means that you can comfortably scroll your phone as you bite on a sandwich. Equally, you are assured that you can leave your toothbrush in the Zero Germ and go about your day or night. It gives you peace that the night and morning routines are germ-free and not going to produce health problems.

Also considered a portable sanitizer, the claims made is that it kills 99 percent of the germs on anything placed within the sanitization chamber. They state their use of advanced UV-C light technology, one used in hospitals and medical labs for killing harmful bacteria. According to the brand, the Zero Germ can kill E. coli, Salmonella, Staph, MRSA, H1N1 flu, and cold virus.

When using it with your toothbrush, you place the brush bristle-side up and let the UV light kill the bacteria in it. You can do that before or after using your brush. With one use, it is expected that your toothbrush- or whatever device, is well sanitized to last you a while. Zero Germ has a five-minute timer, so once the process gets done, it shuts off. That way, it preserves battery life, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. You know the cycle is done when the blue light goes off. In the meantime, however, the display with let you know what percentage of sanitization has gotten done.

The Zero Germ does more than sanitize your phone and keys; it also acts as a phone charger as you sanitize. It does contain a small diffuser you can use with your essential oils even as you sanitize your items. The device itself is easy when it comes to use and portable. Do however remember it is built for average sized phones. Larger phones and your Kindle will unfortunately not fit.

Does Zero Germ work?

The question of the legitimacy of such inventions is always in question. Let’s explore the reality of whether Zero Germ works. The advertising for it has been very aggressive, and it’s easy to get swept in the wave of persuasive words they use. If you have lived your entire life with a toothbrush in your bathroom and not gotten sick, then all the advertising does look a bit on the extreme side. Realistically speaking, it somewhat is. They are legitimate claims, but they may be slightly exaggerated.

UV-C light is the light used to kill germs. The reason UV-C works is that it can penetrate viruses and bacteria and make changes or mutate in them. That essentially kills them or rendering them harmless.


  • Sanitizes is devices and generally things that we do not expose to water
  • Based on technology that is equal to that used in hospitals
  • UV-C light is proven to kill and render bacteria useless altogether
  • Reasonably priced for the size and comes with a promotional offer
  • It sanitizes various kinds of items that fit into the chamber
  • It can charge your phone even as you sanitize it
  • Has a timer, so you don’t waste the battery


  • The device is small and could prove unbeneficial to those with larger phones
  • There are stronger brands in the market despite their aggressive marketing

Wrap up

What ought to motivate people to purchase the product is the reality that we are exposed to a lot more bacteria and virus through things we use daily and therefore having technology that can sanitize them for us is an excellent idea. Given that some bacteria can stay on our items for months, it’s a welcome idea to have them deal with as often as you can. Those who are mindful of germs and everyone in general, can rest easy with the Zero Germ portable sanitizer for daily or even occasional use.

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