One of the most innovative and the high-grade military razors is called the Tac Shaver. It comes with the simple look of an electric razor. The said product is small, lightweight and is more compact compared with a regular size of a credit card.

One of the great things that you will love about this product is that it comes with a waterproof resistance. Aside from that, it is also safe to be exposed to moisture and water. Another thing is that it comes with an enabled convenient trimmer. This feature can be used in adding shave details and trimming small areas.

What are the Key Features of Tac Shaver?

Rotary Heads – A-Tac Shaver features three pieces of rotary heads. In general, these heads will offer you a gentle, smooth, and close shave application

Built in Trimmer – You need a trimmer that you can use in trimming areas, which include the sideburns and the neck. Luckily, the Tac Shaver comes with an enabled trimmer. This feature can be used easily and conveniently since it will not require you to switch different parts.

Pros and Cons of Using Tac Shaver


Waterproof – The Tac Shaver is using the unique technology, which makes them a water-resistant item. This only means that you can use it during the wet conditions and submerged it under the water without worrying about being damaged.

Compact – If we are going to compare the size of the Tac Shaver with a credit card, you can notice that the first one is much smaller compared with the latter. This only means that you can take it while you are traveling and just store it in your baggage or luggage. Since it has a small size, you can also take it by storing it inside your pants pocket or shirt pocket.

Precise – With the use of this item, you can ensure that you will have a precise shave. It comes with three rotary heads that will get rid even the most stubbly and shortest bits of hair.

Versatile – You can use this item for different purposes. You can use it in shaving your entire face as your preparation for meetings or trimming your hair.

Ease of Use – You can ensure that this product can be used easily. It has an instructional manual that will guide you in using the item with full control. This is because it features an aerodynamic shape and can fit inside your hands.


For so many reviews that we read about this product, we did not found any drawbacks about this product.


If you want to have a smooth shave application, you need to use a high-quality shaver. In connection with that, we highly recommend you to use the Tac Shaver. With this product, you can easily shave your face when you have an important meeting. As a result, it will make you look more attractive and cleaner face. So, what are you waiting for? Visit their website now and place your order. You will not regret anything when you use this product.

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  1. Jay Gracia

    I just purchase the Tac Shaver on April 2020, after received the product, I was eager to try it, and after inserting the battery (which it did not come with one) it did not turn on, so I proceeded to try a couple of different new batteries still did not work, I tested the batteries with a tester, batteries were good. So I called Customer service and explained the situation with the lady, then rudely, she proceeded to tell me to return it and that there was no shipping label provided and that I was on my own to return it, and will get refunded. It cost me an additional 7 dollars to send it back. They refunded my money, minus the expense I incurred. My recommendation is not buy this product.

  2. George E Ruble

    While shaving,quit after one or two minutes and puulled whiskers.Not satisfied at all.

  3. Mark Lamantia

    this thing is pure junk. when you want your money back, you won’t get it. even their ad is lousy, the guy needs a shave. they use the military as a backdrop for their crap and bell and Howell has nothing to do with this piece of garbage. DONT!

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