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Bloat is one of those embarrassing digestive issues you wouldn’t wish to have, especially if you know you will be attending a social gathering. It not only make you uncomfortable, but the constant passing of gas or the rumbling down in your tummy may make you to suddenly turn into an unnecessary center of focus.

This is why you should not just avoid foods that may cause bloating and similar digestive issues, but also you should know about the right remedies in case you find yourself in such a situation. If you are on the internet looking for lasting relief from bloat, then you should check out Synbiotic 365. It is an advanced probiotic formula that will reduce your worries for bloat and let you go about your day without worrying about getting embarrassed or receiving unnecessary attention due to bloat and other digestive complications.

What is Synbiotic 365?

Synbiotic 365 is an advanced formula that contains both prebiotic ingredients and probiotic strains that have been carefully blended and tested to deliver lasting relief from bloating and other digestive conditions that may be embarrassing to you. The supplement has been clinically tested and proven to deliver good results to a myriad of digestive disorders, with bloating being one of them. In addition to providing a wide variety of digestion related benefits, the supplement has also been proven to boost the immune and overall health.

It is made by United Naturals, who also make GutConnect 365.

How Synbiotic 365 Works

There is deep science behind the operations of synbiotics, and which makes them deadly effective in relieving bloat and other related digestive issues. To understand how the Synbiotic 365 works, it is first imperative to understand how synbiotics work in general. Synbiotics are simply a combination of probiotics and prebiotics believed to possess synergistic effects that can halt and finally stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria while at the same time promoting the growth of beneficial organisms.

When prebiotics are added to probiotic supplements, there will be an increase in the growth of digestion-friendly organisms in the gut, and this will help to promote the gut health, thus avoiding any instance of bloating. Such supplements are highly recommended for people who suffer from conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and diabetes amongst other bowel disorders.

In other words, Synbiotic 365 is trying to create an environment within the gut that will promote the flourishing of good bacteria so that the bad bacteria that causes bloat don’t have a chance. This is not just vital for gut health, but as noted earlier, it is also important for overall body health.

The absence of good bacteria will increase the presence of bad bacteria, and this may not just cause bloating, but also other conditions such as leaky gut syndrome. If you normally suffer from digestive issues, then it simply means that you have a lot of bad bacteria in your gut system, and an easy to way to combat it would be to take Synbiotic 365 at least every day with a glass of water or when you take your food.

Active ingredients present in Synbiotic 365

Synbiotic 365 is not like the other probiotics you could easily buy from the dairy section of your local supermarket. It is designed with active formulas that have the ability to correct stubborn gut conditions that may have been bothering you for a while. The first notable active ingredient in this supplement is vitamin B. The B vitamins in this product are 200% of more than the recommended daily dose.

Vitamin D is extremely vital for the overall health of the gut and the body. A side benefit you will have with this supplement owing to its incredible amount of vitamin B is the immediate disappearance of mood swings, if you used to suffer from such. With the supplement, your reserves for B vitamins will be quickly replenished and you will begin to enjoy having better health.

In addition to vitamin B as part of the active ingredients in Synbiotic 365, the supplement also features a blend of 13 probiotic products that are very effective in altering the gut’s flora and optimizing it for better performance. Consequently, those who use Synbiotic 365 will enjoy reinvigorated health and a new sense of wellbeing.


  • It helps to rebalance the gut flora
  • It restores vitamin B to the right levels
  • Brings relief to a myriad of conditions associated with poor gut flora
  • Makes users have reinvigorated health
  • Negative reviews are yet to be registered


  • One box comes with only 30 capsules. Can be expensive if a lot is needed.
  • Relatively expensive compared similar products in the market
  • It has not been verified by the Food & Drugs Administration

Is Synbiotic 365 ideal for everyone?

With most supplements, caution is always advised since not everyone may be an ideal candidate for the supplements. However, this is never the case with Synbiotic 365. Anybody is free to have a prescribed dosage of the supplement. It has been tested across a wide spectrum of patients, and in those demographics, no side effects were noted.

If you suffer from flatulence, bloat, or you feel generally unwell, then you can use this supplement without any worries. However, you still need to be cautious and seek medical advice if you are currently using similar products and you feel like switching, or you can just see the doctor for an abundance of caution.

Where to buy Synbiotic 365 Advanced Probiotic Formula

There are many outlets, both online and offline where you can purchase Synbiotic 365 Advanced Probiotic Formula from. The most reputable place to make the purchase is from the manufacturer’s website. You can also get it from third-party vendors, but such you have to be very cautious with. Some vendors may sell to you fake supplements that may end up doing more harm than good when you use them. If you are using third-party sites to buy the supplement, always ensure that they are a reputable seller, and don’t fail to read reviews by past customers.

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