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The best cat litter available for your favorite pet?

PrettyLitter is a highly absorbent silica gel-based cat litter that offers more than basic clumping litter. It features a unique blend of indicators that are safe for your cat which can be used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of your pets’ urine. These gel granules are small and easy to scoop, which makes them ideal for use even inside your home. The gel based cat litter is friendly on your cats’ paws, and will not track easily.

Monitor your cat’s health with PrettyLitter

Cats are notoriously secretive. They will keep a lot of things to themselves, including any pain and illness. They are naturally both predators and prey, with sick and ill cats being the most likely targets. Hiding any illness or injury is an instinctive reaction to help to protect themselves. Even in a home setting, cats will continue to hide away any illness they may have. These could easily evolve into serious conditions which may be too difficult and too expensive to treat in future. By using PrettyLitter, you will be able to keep an eye on your cat even when it is very difficult.

But what do the colors mean?

PrettyLitter is a proprietary brand because it allows you to monitor your cat’s health through a color-based legend. You can determine just how your cat is doing by observing the color changes in your PrettyLitter. When your cat urinates in their litter box, the urine will leave a color patch on the silica gel litter. If your PrettyLitter is olive green or dark yellow, your cat is healthy.

Orange PrettyLittrer indicates high acidity, which could be a precursor for metabolic acidiosis or a kidney condition. For blue or dark green PrettyLitter, your cat may have a high alkaline content in their urine which would suggest one of a number of urinary tract infections. Red PrettyLitter should be the most alarming for cat owners. It could indicate blood in the urine, which may result from bladder inflammation, urinary tract diseases, poison ingestion and bladder cancer. However, it is also common for female cats in heat. Even though PrettyLitter is a non-diagnostic monitoring tool, it can help alert and guide you when dealing with your cats’ health concern.

Lightweight and low maintenance

For pet owners who have little time to regularly maintain their cats’ litter boxes, PrettyLitter is the ideal solution. It is very light since it is a silica based gel product, which is highly absorbent to increase the efficiency of your cat litter. Your cat will be protected from any injury because PrettyLitter is gentle on their paws. It is a very low-tracking substance, which means that it will not get on your floors or carpeting. The brand is also able to guarantee its month-long use in a standard litter box because of its relative structural integrity.

Commitment to service

The personal relationship which customers are able to build with the brand is a great indicator of its interest in quality and service. PrettyLitter is delivered through a subscription service, which ensures you get your litter every month as scheduled. You do not have to make sudden trips to your local pet supply store or force your cats to share litter boxes, which could be uncomfortable. They also offer an efficient and responsive phone line, allowing you to change or cancel your subscription as you see fit. You will also be able to get in touch in case of queries or complaints which could improve your ability to monitor your cat’s health.

Long term cost savings

The average cat owner spends up to $200 on routine vet care. This does not include the average cost of litter per month, which could amount to about $25. For people with more than two cats, this could be closer to $80. It can be expensive to keep your cat healthy and well cared for. Many people who use clumping litter do not understand the potential cumulative cost, which is higher than PrettyLitter. This features a comparison on monthly costs alone. If you include the potential savings on vet care, you could be saving even more with PrettyLitter. PrettyLitter will not have any health effects on your cat because it is made from naturally occurring compounds, and has no added fragrances. It features less dust and could help maintain your cat’s health better than clumping litter. You could end up spending a more enjoyable time with your favorite pet.


  • PrettyLitter can help you monitor your cat’s health and increase its lifespan.
  • Ideal for people with little litter box maintenance time.
  • Efficient customer service by the brand
  • Quick delivery to your premises based on an automatic subscription
  • Lightweight and comfortable for your cats
  • Easy to scoop and replace


  • Some users have complained that PrettyLitter became dusty after two weeks of use. Many who did may not have maintained the one cat per litter box rule of thumb.
  • PrettyLitter is expensive to maintain if used without following specifications. It will wear out quickly if used for more than one litter box and by more than one cat.
  • Odor control will be impossible with PrettyLitter after three weeks if you do not maintain cat per litter box rule.

Final word

If you are looking for a high quality product made by a brand that values customer relationships, PrettyLitter could be ideal for you. If it used correctly, this product will help you maintain the health of your cats and ensure you can identify any problems immediately. The silica gel-based litter is very absorbent, and will ensure you do not need to engage in regular maintenance of your cats’ litter box while helping sustain their overall level of cleanliness. If you are going to use PrettyLitter on a litter box that measures more than the standard 15”by 11”, you may need to consult the brand on how much PrettyLitter you will need to create a great environment for your cats in your home.

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