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Can the Power bed actually help you sleep perfectly or is it all a lie?

The Power Bed is a three-button remote-controlled bed or an inflatable chamber that elevates your legs or head up to at least 26inches, helping you to sleep better, snore less, and also sleep without any pain.

But, does it actually do all that? Well, this review outlines everything you need to know about the Power Bed and whether it’s worth your money or not.

About the Power Bed

Designed by Get Power Bed, Power Bed refers to a two-part bed/sleeping accessory which is designed to specifically adjust the height of the mattress you sleep on. The adjustment of mattress’s height promises to not only relieve backaches and neck aches, but also help with snoring, colds, restlessness, sinus pressure, and even heartburn.

For all these benefits, this system comes fitted right under your mattress so that it inflates and deflates your mattress, based on your preferences and needs. According to the company, this adjustable bed easily turns into a super-luxurious adjustable bed just by pushing a button, and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional adjustable bed.

Notably, the Power Bed cost more than any of the traditional adjustable beds. Is it worth the extra cost?

How does the Power Bed Work?

From the information shared on the company’s website and in the commercials, this bed is easy to set up and use, and it works a lot like the traditional adjustable beds. To be specific, here is how the bed works:

First, connect the remote control to the bed with the bed in a deflated state. Note that if you look at your deflated mini-mattress, you will see a small, blue plastic device connected to the bed. Now plug in the remote control to the rounded hole at the back of the device, connecting the mini-bed to the remote control. The control devices should be on the floor right next to the bed.

Next up, slide the Power Bed right under the bed’s top side mattress at the head or feet, leaving the flatter side to rest against the bottom side of the mattress, the pointer side should face upwards.

Then, lift the foot or the head of the mattress the place the deflated triangular air chamber beneath the mattress. Here, you don’t need to remove the bedding.

Next, use the three-button remote to inflate and deflate, or even quickly flatten the bed’s air chamber, then adjust the height to 26 inches, just to meet your needs.

If you’re adjusting the bed at night, you don’t have to switch off the lights since the remote control system glows in the dark.

What can this bed treat?

From a medical perspective, sleeping in the wrong/ improper position aggravates existing medical conditions such as headaches and back pain, while worsening fatigue and other issues. But the wrong sleeping position varies from one person to another, often depending on your preferences and also a combination of diseases.

Note, however, that according to the National Sleep Foundation, elevating your head when sleeping reduces snoring by taking pressure off your airways making it easy to breathe as you sleep. Your sleeping position has also been shown to worsen or help with sleep apnea; according to WebMD and contrary to what these bed sellers note, sleeping with your head elevated worsens sleep apnea. Taking these two studies into consideration, it would appear that the Power Bed is likely a good option only to persons with sleeping problems besides sleep apnea.

Note, however, that the elevation of the upper part of the body when sleeping could reduce acid reflux. Also, raising your feet also helps in boosting circulations in the legs, relieving pain and pressure from the veins. Given these details, the remote-controlled operation of this bed, raising your head and feet, and the height customization, the Power Bed, might be your best bet in dealing with acid reflux and snoring.

Therefore, whether this bed helps in alleviating back pains, neck aches, restless sleep or colds or not depends on a specific condition, largely.

Also, it’s important to seek the help of your doctor before you buy the Power Bed.

Top features of the Power Bed

  • Remote Control in the dark – This remote controlled device will help you control and adjust the height of the bed you’re lying on, and the night glow helps with nighttime adjustment.
  • It works with all bed types – This inflatable/ adjustable bed works on all types of beds, regardless of the bed you’re using. And if you’re bed has a top and a bottom mattress, this bed will work on all types of beds.
  • It also comes with two pillows, two curved, contoured bed.

What to consider when buying the power bed?

First, compare the bed with others on the market and determine which bed really fits your needs and meets your preferences. Also check if the bed has a weight limit, its noise level, mode of operation, and even how long it takes for the bed to inflate and deflate fully. Also, check if the bed slowly deflates or not.

Also note that when it comes to dealing with stiffer mattresses such as the ones made of coils, the inflatable bed will not work too well.


  • Improves circulation
  • Helps with acid reflux
  • Easy controls, remote has a dark glow
  • Inflates and deflates easily


  • Unsuitable for persons with sleep apnea
  • Expensive


Whether you’re looking for a solution to acid reflux, snoring, pain or any other form of discomfort, the Power Bed looks like a great and an inexpensive way for you to elevate your head or your feet as you sleep. This mattress is cheaper than the alternatives, and the other reason why it’s a top recommended bed is that it comes from a company with decades of experience and knowledge in mattress manufacturing.

This mattress also comes with a 60-day refund policy.

But to reiterate, you must seek a consult from your doctor before you buy and use the mattress because if you’re dealing with a condition like sleep apnea, the Power Bed might be exactly what you don’t need.

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