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The Measure King is your answer to the traditional tape measure – and it’s a little more high-tech, too!

Instead of using tape, this handy tape measure uses special tracking technology to track the surface of the object you’re trying to measure – and it’s great for anyone who needs to measure around curves and corners, or just anyone who’s sick of having to cut themselves while measuring: And yes, tape measure snap-back is a real thing that’s been annoying professional contractors and people doing DIY projects at home for years.

The Measure King promises to sort out all of the most common measuring issues: But does it?

Here’s what I thought about the Measure King measuring tape when I got one for my contracting business.

Who can use it?

Of course, contractors and builders might be the first careers you imagine a gadget like the Measure King might be useful for – but they aren’t the only ones. I happen to know a few people in completely different careers who have also found the Measure King to be one of the best time-saving tools for their business – including two architects and a friend who makes his own suits.

It’s as versatile as it is cool, and if part of your job (or hobby) is to measure anything, you’ll get some great use out of the Measure King – and you’ll save a lot of time that’s usually spent calculating differences to work out corners that are hard to measure when you’ve got metal that’s not really made to bend that way.

It’s pretty accurate

When you’re a contractor, you can’t make mistakes. The “measure once and cut twice” thing is actually true, especially when you’re working with a project where you can’t afford to do things from scratch if you made a mistake – and when you’re a contractor, that’s usually all of your jobs.

The Measure King has an impressive overall accuracy, which makes it a really great little tool for when you need to be sure – it’s accurate to a hundredth of an inch, guaranteed, and it’s helped me feel a lot better about measuring once when I’m on the job.

It’s normal to make mistakes even when you’re a professional contractor, but I can say the Measure King helped me cut down on the amount of mistakes related to measuring – and I’ve equipped each of my staff with one of these, too.

Measuring Corners, Angles and Curves

The Measure King can do everything a regular tape measure can – but it also does some more.

It’s great for measuring corners, angles and curves. This is what it’s best made for – and this has a multitude of uses, especially when you don’t want to have to crane your neck or hold your wrist at a weird angle: Doing this is one way to skew measurements when you’re trying to get an accurate measurement.

When you use the Measure King, you don’t have to worry about that: It’s easy to measure corners, angles and curves: And no more weird neck craning!

Clear Display

The Measure King displays everything you want to see on a small, clear and bright display. This makes it a lot easier to see what you’re doing even in bad lighting, and you can even set it to several different measurement settings depending on which measurement unit you’re looking for.

Sometimes, for whatever reasons, clients make special requests to have designs made according to their measurements – and the Measure King has saved me countless time when it comes to having to convert from one format to another by just being able to click a button.

Different Modes

It’s called the 3-in-1 because it has three different modes, each best for different things. You can either use tape-free roll mode, slightly high-tech laser mode – or use their more flexible tape instead. I love anything that makes my job easier.

Product Pro’s:

Here’s what I liked most about the Measure King.

  • Accurate and Fast: The Measure King is a very impressive little unit that allows for you to measure with incredible accuracy – and this is exactly what the Measure King does best.
  • Saves Time: The Measure King has been designed to save you as much time as possible, which is just what most professionals (and, well, amateurs too) will really appreciate when they’re trying to finish a job – and they need quick accuracy.
  • Multifunction Modes: The Measure King offers you the option of several modes depending on what you’re measuring – and this is a pretty handy feature if you’re a contractor like me who might be facing several types of jobs in one that a regular tape measure just isn’t enough for.

Product Cons:

Of course, there’s no single product that’s perfect – here are a few things that I’d probably choose to change or improve about the Measure King if I had the chance.

  • Can’t Save Settings: A feature that I really wanted the Measure King to have is the ability to save several measurements on the unit so that I could refer back to it instead of having to check the display every time.
  • Can’t Calculate on Device: Another feature I would have thought cool on the Measure King is the ability to do calculations on the device itself – say, if I wanted to work out the area of a room in cubic feet. While it takes just a few seconds to pull out a calculator, it would have been especially great if I didn’t have to at all.
  • Hard on Bumpy Surfaces: There are some surfaces that the Measure King has some trouble measuring, usually ones that are a little bumpy – ones that create several ups and downs. This isn’t an issue for everyone else, but it can sometimes be a hassle when you’re building something weird-shaped for a client who insists on it.

Would I buy it again?

Yes – and in fact, I bought one for every one of my staff members, and I always keep a backup in my truck that has come in handy more than once. Overall, it’s a great product – an accurate and time-saving tool that’s great for anyone who, well, needs to measure stuff.

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