How I lost 100 lbs. and regained my life with Leptitox

They say that America is in the midst of a crisis where more than half of its children may turn obese by the time they hit 35. (

That’s an incredibly scary statistic, the ramifications of which may not be evident at first go.

But having struggled with obesity for most part of my life, I know the long-term implications of that number.

My name is Leroy Salzer and I am a 43-year-old from Myrtle Beach, SC.

I am a father to two beautiful girls, a husband to an even prettier woman and a Hydraulics technician at other times.

I love the outdoors and you’ll find me chasing that prized Sea Trout on weekends. That’s if I am not greasing my elbows trying to master the dovetail joint in my woodworking projects.

I am reasonably active for a man my age. The only problem is that until a year ago, I weighed 240 lbs.

I am 5’10 and that put my BMI close to 35. That’s morbidly obese for those who were wondering.

It came to a point where my joints couldn’t bear that weight anymore.

Not to mention that my lipids were all over the place, I was a borderline diabetic and my blood pressure was high enough to blow my brains out of my ears someday.

Childhood and Momma’s pancakes

That backstory evokes a very typical reaction from most people that I narrate it to.

Ah, you were probably hooked on cheeseburgers and convenience foods. Take aways and the likes!

Yes, I was.

There’s no denying it that like millions of other Americans, I was hooked on processed foods, meat, sugar and everything else that surrounds us.

But when I retrospect, I can see a pattern that starts with our childhoods.

Breakfast in my home was Pancakes, Bacon, Waffles with a healthy dose of syrup, cereals and of course, juice. It is what most people I know have grown up eating and continue to feed their kids.

Only, a quick analysis of the sugar content of those foods might shock you.(

That’s a 700-calorie meal on an average with more than 25 teaspoons of sugar.

My parents were also obese by the way. So were my grandparents.

So, all through my childhood years, I continued gorging on pancakes with maple syrup. Mum used to make the best of em. Still does.

I was the podgiest of all the children in the family and my roly-poly belly was quite the attraction during annual thanksgiving meals.

Little did I know that I would be carrying that fat into adulthood.

By the time I passed college, I was 180 lbs. That’s not 180 lbs. with a body fat percentage of 15 mind you. My body fat levels were well above 30.

The Professional years and the first signs

I got married at 26 and I had started to accept that I would be overweight for the rest of my life. I had gotten immune to the constant jibes and the occasional offensive remark years ago.

So, if anyone would ask me about my weight, I would snap back that I was comfortable with my body weight.

But in reality, I wasn’t. The first niggles began three to four years after marriage.

My snoring had reached alarming levels and I didn’t remember the last time I had slept uninterrupted.

Then one day at work, I stretched a little more than normal and I could hear something pop. The pain was excruciating.

The doctors revealed that it was a cruciate ligament tear.

For the next few months, my mobility was restricted. Even after I healed fully, the pain continued to stick around.

I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without feeling burnt out. I knew that things weren’t as hunky dory as I was pretending.

So I secretly visited an obesity clinic who suggested stomach stapling. After reading up on it for weeks, I decided against it. (Thankfully)

The diets begin

Finally, I confided in Joanne who suggested that we consult her friend who’s a dietician.

The next four months were spent trying out various diets. Sometimes, I would lose a few pounds. But I’d gain them back again in weeks.

Here are some of the diets that I tried and quit midway.

  • Atkins
  • Paleo
  • Lemonade Cleanse
  • Keto
  • Beachbody

I realized that I felt miserable cutting out on foods that I loved to eat. So any weight loss that occurred would only be temporary. I would feel miserable all day and that was not something that I was comfortable with, nor would you be.

I also tried diet pills by the way.

Some of them pharma-grade stuff sourced off the dark web, which left me feeling jittery and nervous. My heart would pound like a jet engine all day. One night I thought that I was gonna get a heart attack and die.

My introduction to Leptitox

It was during a support group meeting that I met Caroline, a teacher from NYC who had successfully lost over 90 lbs. and was now a volunteer at the meetings.

The first thing that she asked me is, ‘What does your Leptin resistance say Leroy?’

Leptin what? I had never heard of it before.

Caroline patiently explained to me about the Leptin hormone and its uncanny connection to obesity.

For those who are as confused as me at this state, Leptin is a hormone produced by the fat cells stored in our bodies.



If you are obese, your body will produce a lot more leptin than what someone who weighs less would produce. Leptin is associated with many different processes.

But the primary one is to signal to the hypothalamus, a tiny part of the brain, that the body is satiated and that it can burn some of the stored body fat for energy.

Leptin resistance is a condition that has developed in obese people off late, in which, the brain fails to receive the signal from the copious amount of Leptin produced by the fat cells.

This tricks the brain into thinking that the person is starving.

As a result, your brain switches the body into starvation mode forcing you to eat more and reducing your energy expenditure, leading to store more body fat.

This is one of the leading causes of obesity worldwide. It is one of the reasons why diets fail.

Suddenly, it all made sense.

What can I do to correct it Caroline?’ I asked her eagerly.

She said that there are easy ways and hard ones. The hard ones involved exercising, which was next to impossible with my current joint pain. Eating tons of fiber

Like most people would, I wanted the easy solution.

That’s when she told me about Leptitox.

What is Leptitox?

Leptitox is a weight management dietary supplement combo that does two things.

  1. It works like dietary fiber and helps flush out the copious amounts of toxins built up in our system, including the colon. The result is better digestion, better absorption of nutrients, better looking skin, improved mood, improved libido and more energy.
  2. It prevents hunger pangs as your body undergoes the detox, helping you to stick to a healthy eating regimen. At the same time, it allows the body to mobilize stored body fat, thereby leading to enhanced fat loss.

Unlike diet pills sold in fancy bottles that are often laced with toxic chemicals like DNP, which can even cause death, Leptitox only contains natural ingredients. (

22 of them to be more precise.

All of them have been scientifically proven to help rid the body of stored toxins and to help burn more fat.

After having tried nearly every trick in the book, Leptitox seemed like a no-brainer solution, especially because it had worked so well for Caroline and many others like her.

I decided to try it out in June 2019.

My experience with Leptitox

Bodyweight at start of Leptitox: 240 lbs.

Leptitox comes in a standard-sized bottles with capsules that have a slight herbal aroma to it. It’s not offensive and the caps are reasonably easy to swallow with a glass of water.

I had received a 30-day supply of Colon Cleanse with my subscription. But I wanted to see how effective this was without using anything else. So I put the colon cleanse on hold for a while.

Week 1: On day 1 and day 2 of using Leptitox, I felt no difference in my mood or energy levels. I guess I was expecting this to be some sort of miracle pill that would kick-in instantly. Didn’t happen. But on day 4, I turned down a large tub of Strawberry Yoghurt. I almost didn’t notice that I did until Joanne told me. I hadn’t turned down a tub of Yoghurt in years. I just don’t know what came over me. I jjst didn’t feel like eating a bowl of sweetened desert. I felt full. This continued all through the week. I would feel full after dinner.

Week 2: I started to notice that I was eating lesser than normal during breakfast. My brunch sweet cravings had begun to dissipate slowly. In fact, I wasn’t feeling hungry until late afternoon. And then, it happened. I randomly checked my weight at the end of week 2 and I had dropped 6 lbs. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. I hadn’t exercised. I hadn’t dieted. But for the first time in years, I had lost weight.

Week 3: My energy levels began to rise in Week 3. I was no longer feeling addicted to junk food. You should’ve seen the look on my daughter’s face when I reached out for her bowl of salad instead of the Blueberry pie in front of me. It just came naturally. I was losing weight. My skin was looking better. I wanted to eat better to amplify my results. Weight loss at the end of week 3: 11 lbs.

Week 4: It was not even a month since I started. But I was feeling like a new man already. My joint pain had reduced considerably. I went out for a 5 km. walk. When had I last done that? I don’t even remember. I felt energized all day. And yes, I had the best sex of my life with my wife that week. Took her by surprise really. Weight loss at the end of week 4: 15 lbs.

In a span of just 30 days, I had lost 15 lbs. without making any changes to my diet or without stepping on to a treadmill.

The journey ahead

In the next six months, I lost up to 80 lbs. by combining Leptitox with calorie counting and brisk walking.

Today, I feel like I am reborn. I fit into my old clothes. Some of my colleagues who hadn’t seen me recently didn’t recognize me at first.

It’s amazing.

My A1C levels have gone down to under 6%. My blood pressure is within normal ranges most of the time.

The best part, I still enjoy an occasional pancake and a double cheeseburger at Burky’s.

I am still not done. I plan to get started with Colon Cleanse and Leptitox next. My target weight is still 20 lbs. away and there’s no way I am quitting now.

Why Leptitox

If you have struggled to lose weight ever, then Leptitox has the potential to transform your life.

Here’s why.

  • It is backed by concrete scientific research. Leptin resistance is for real. We are constantly exposed to chemicals like EDC, BPA, PFOA and TBT which disrupt our hormonal system and make us Leptin resistant.
  • It contains only natural ingredients which are proven to flush out these very chemicals from our system. No toxic, life-threatening chemicals in it.
  • It is made in a GMP certified facility. It is FDA-approved.
  • It is easy to use. You don’t have to restrict yourself or cut on your favorite foods.
  • It comes with an unconditional 60-day money-back-guarantee. It’s a zero-risk deal.
  • Even if your physical condition prevents you from exercising, it works.

Try it now

For a very short time, Leptitox is offering a whopping 50% discount on their three-month supply.

That’s half the price of what I bought it for.

If you are looking to change your life forever, here’s the shortcut to it.

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