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If you, like the rest of us, are looking for a sleeping solution that allows you to finally sleep comfortably, something that offers relief from back, hip, and knee pains, you might want to try the leg ramp. The Leg Ramp is an ideal replacement for a stack of pillows, especially if you always sleep on your back. You might also need this Leg Ramp if your doctor recommends elevating your legs for relaxation, tension release, and for better circulation.

But, what is it?

And most importantly, what makes this Leg Ramp a preferable option to leg pillows and other elevated leg pillows on the market?

Well, the Leg Ramp refers to an inflatable leg rest featuring a miniature hand pump and coupled with a suede exterior. It works more or less like a ramp, allowing you to elevate your legs easily, quickly, can comfortably; boosting blood flow in the process. According to the manufacturer and the TV ads, the Leg Ramp will quickly inflate to your preferred level of firmness before elevating your feet and legs. The expected effects of the elevation include positive blood flow, pressure relief, as well as the reduction of pain and swelling temporarily.

According to the Leg Ramp’s manufacturer, this inflatable ramp is preferable to and works exceedingly better than your conventional stack of pillows thanks to its unique design. This ramp is easily inflatable with an EZ pump that comes with the ramp, and its manufacturer also promises top performance from the ramp which remains in place while in use, delivering the perfect angle of elevation and even leg contouring; hence the delivery of maximum comfort and relief. This Leg Ramp also offers an additional layer of comfort with its exquisitely designed plush and highly durable suede fabric making up the exterior of the Leg Ramp.

As a result of its unique design, the TV commercial reduces the achiness of muscles, vein problems, sore feet, restless legs, back pain, as well as the risk of injuries.

But does the Leg Ramp hold up its end of the bargain? Does it deliver all it promises? Is it really that good?

Well, to answer these questions, we’ve got to look at how the ramp works.

How does Leg Ramp Work?

For an understanding of the Leg Ramp’s mechanism of action, we’ve got to look at the reason behind the device? In simpler terms, we’ve got to understand the medical basis and science behind this device and others like it.

Well, according to research by a top board-certified dermatologist, valves responsible for the backflow of blood from the legs back to the heart tend to weaken over time thanks to factors like genetics or even an increase in the downward gravitational pressure. These factors and many others could result in poor oxygenation in the lower extremities, causing various medical issues the formation of spider veins and varicose veins, numbness, swelling of the leg and the ankles, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), tingling and in extreme cases, fatal blood clots.

On the bright side, however, you could counter these issues and the causative factors by habitually raising the legs above your heart’s level. Doing this is effective in the reduction of fluid buildup in your lower legs and the feet. It also boosts oxygenation while decreasing any swelling and discomfort in your feet. Placing your feet on the coffee table, on a pillow or on the couch could work, but the best alternative could be this Leg Ramp. Generally, the periodic elevation of your legs above the heart level is recommended.

Note, however, that you should limit the raised height to about 6 inches above the ground if you have midsection or back problems.

This Leg Ramp offers these benefits in that once you inflate it quickly with the EZ pump, the device will deliver two angles (optimal) which will maximize your comfort and blood flow. While steeper angles raise the top half of your legs above the rest of the body, gradual angles will maximize comfort in your feet, ankles and the lower legs. In the elevated position, blood drains away from the legs improving circulation while also reducing pressure buildup from your feet.

How to use Leg Ramp

Inflate the Leg Ramp using the small air pump included. The hole for the inflation pump is found on the cushion’s tallest side which is opposite the downward slope. Inflate your cushion until it feels firm but not too hard/ stiff.

Set it up. Once inflated stow away the pump then place the cushion on a flat surface with the sloping end pointing to the direction of your head and the taller and where you’d like your feet to rest.

Elevate your legs. With the cushion set up on a flat surface, you could lie down then place the legs on this Leg Ramp cushion. Note that your feet should be as close to the tall end as possible and depending on your height, the sloped/ shorter end should support your lower thighs or your knees. And unless you’re really short, the upper thigh and all other body parts above the thighs should not touch this Leg Ramp cushion but should be resting on the flat surface firmly.

Lastly, rest or do something quiet and comfortably keeping your upper body and your head totally flat.


  • It works for all ages and genders
  • It’s affordable compared to its competitors
  • Comes with an EZ Pump
  • Soft and durable
  • You could travel with it
  • It can be used during pregnancy


  • Only available in brown
  • The fabric is not machine washable
  • It isn’t suitable for persons with arthritis and other conditions affecting dexterity because the pump is not electric

Final Thoughts

The elevation of feet reduces swelling, boosts circulation, and reduces pain temporarily. This Leg Ramp cushion promises all these benefits, and it works well for persons on a tight budget and also individuals without dexterity issues since it comes with a hand pump. And even though it lacks an electric pump, its inflatable design makes it a preferable option to a stack of foam pillows.

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