Losing weight can be difficult. People who are obese or need those extra few pounds are often on a lookout for solutions that can help achieve instant or effortless weight loss. For such people, using Isumi weight loss patches also known as diet patches or slimming patches could be a perfect solution. An Isumi patch is a revolutionary weight loss product that can help people lose weight without diet or exercise. These patches or stickers are waterproof and are required to be affixed to your skin (abdomen, upper arm, hips and shoulder blade) once a day for effective weight loss. Listed below are some facts that can help you understand more about these patches.

How does it work?

Unlike diet pills, weight loss diet patches work as a topical medication in helping you lose weight. The effect of these patches is quicker when compared to diet pills because they do not transfer through the digestive system. When a patch is pressed on the skin, the patch releases chemicals that enter the body through the skin and help boost metabolism; suppress appetite and safely burn calories and fats.


Weight loss patches contain herbal ingredients such as hoodia, Guarana, green tea, L- Carnitine, seaweed, Garcinia Cambogia, pyruvate, 5- HTP, flaxseed oil, acai berry, and many others. Each of these ingredients serves different purposes. So, while a weight loss patch with zinc pyruvate ingredient helps enhance fat burning, seaweed diet patches help boost metabolism and suppress appetite. Ensure you check the labels before buying these patches.

Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Patches


• This weight loss solution is a straightforward and biological process of losing weight. This means the patches are made from 100% natural ingredients and are completely safe to use.
• A trendy weight loss program that does not advocate people to skip meals or go on crash diets.
• Allows one to lose weight without doing any exercises or workouts
• It makes you feel more energetic and lively during the day and helps you sleep better at night.
• The patches can be hidden from the public eye and cause no disturbance, allowing you to lose weight while you are at work or shopping or doing household chores.


• People who have sensitive skin can sometimes experience irritation due to the adhesive.
• The patches tend to suppress appetite which is not considered a good approach to healthy weight loss.
• The FDA has warned against the prolonged use of the patches as it may lead to iodine overdose and hyperthyroidism.


Weight Loss stickers are usually sold in boxes of 30, providing you a one — month supply. The cost of weight loss patches can vary depending on the type and brand of the patch. Generally, the patches come with a money-back guarantee. Buying online can help you avail discounts and coupons for this weight loss product.

There is little or no evidence that proves that these Isumi weight loss patches do work. This is because they are marketed in the United States as dietary supplements -which do not require meeting standards for effectiveness as OTC and prescription medication. However, weight loss patches can be a boon for all those looking to shed a few pounds safely without dieting, exercising or changing their lifestyle.

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