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The weight loss and supplement industry are huge right now, mainly because more people are aware of the effects that their lifestyle choices have on them. Given there’s so much to choose from in the market, here, we’ll talk about Hydroxycut to give you information that’ll help you decide if these supplements will be your companion on the road to a healthy life.

What Is Hydroxycut?

We cannot get into this review without first stating that Hydroxycut is. It is essentially a brand that sells weight loss supplements. They offer a variety of products on their online store that includes capsules that aid in weight loss. The active ingredient is C. canephora robusta that the brand state has been proven in two scientific studies to be effective as a critical weight loss driver. These studies were conducted on persons on a low-calorie diet, with a group put on placebo to know the effectiveness of this crucial ingredient.

The company goes on to state that a person on Hydroxycut stands to lose 10.95lbs in a matter of 60 days. That means that a person can lose between two to three pounds per week.

Other ingredients in Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut contains more than C. canephora robusta. In includes caffeine, wild mint extract, wild olive extract, komijn extract, and Lady’s mantle extract. In their other products, you will find additional content like various vitamins, apple cider vinegar, yohimbine, calcium, and probiotics. The company makes supplements for both male and females to cater to their diverse weight loss needs. They have a product called Hydroxycut Hardcore that contains green coffee bean extract that’s tailored with diabetic and those who have obesity.

Hydroxycut and weight loss

The ingredients in Hydroxycut are meant to work together to aid a healthy person in their weight loss journey. When it comes to caffeine, study after study tells us that caffeine is an ideal partner in weight loss. A lot of supplements with the same agenda contain caffeine as one of the ingredients because it boots metabolism. On average results show that it increases one’s ability to burn fat by between ten and twenty-nine percent. They also show that it helps increase energy and assist in promoting thermogenesis in obese individuals.

When it comes to the other herbs in Hydroxycut, there appears to be little data that affirms the claims that supplement brands make. Currently, there are only preliminary studies and theories and no extensive studies that prove without a doubt that it is possible to lose weight when you take these capsules. Komijn extract, however, does prove to be useful as compared to placebo in losing weight.

When it comes to wild mint extract, wild olive extract, and Lady’s mantle extract, the only existing studies are on chicken and rats. In chickens, there as a 20 percent reduction in their weight, and in rats, there was some significant increase in their metabolism. Given the nature of these studies, there is no evidence that the same translates to humans and should therefore not be taken as facts.

Hydroxycut has however done studies on the active ingredient C. canephora robusta. In their other product Pro Clinical Hydroxycut®, robusta coffee extract was shown to help participants lose weight in two separate studies. The brand offers two types of products, those with caffeine and those without for people how don’t want stimulants in their weight loss supplements. These mindful options do give the brand somewhat of an upper hand as compared to others in the market.

How to take Hydroxycut

On their website, there is an emphasis on making Hydroxycut as per the instructions on the supplements you get. Not doing so is an indication that a person could face complications.

When it comes to side effects, those that tend to happen are typically due to caffeine. While for some people they tend to acclimatize to it relatively well, others tend to experience insomnia, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, jitteriness, and other caffeine-related symptoms. If you have an issue with caffeine, then you are better off going for the non-stimulant supplement because the caffeine content is high.

As with all supplements in the market, the best idea is to start with a low dose and then gradually increase it. With Hydroxycut, you can start with a tablet 30 minutes before meal times- That is three times a day. After a few days, you can increase it to two tablets and see how your body reacts to it. If you do encounter issues after a few days, then reduce the dosage and stick to it.

Caution: the above is merely a suggestion. Be sure to follow and consume what the individual products the brand offers suggest.

How do I know if Hydroxycut is for me?

As with all supplements, you first need to see a doctor ascertain that you are not at risk of reacting to any of the products in the supplements even though they are natural. Also, not everyone benefits the same from supplements so the rate which you do lose weight may be different from what the company says. It could also differ from other people around you taking the same supplement or from the testimonials that are on the website.

What’s important is that you also eat healthily and exercise. By themselves, these two steps are sufficient in getting you to lose weight.


  • Hydroxycut is mainly made from natural products
  • Studies are showing that the active ingredient in the supplement does assist in weight loss
  • Effective even when you take it 30 minutes before a meal
  • It is sugar-free and low in calories
  • Comes in various forms that include a powder that you can mix in water and take on the go
  • They don’t carry the health problems (liver poisoning) that earlier formulas carried


  • No long-term studies are showing that caffeine does indeed help with weight loss
  • People show that they tend to develop tolerance to caffeine
  • It is not FDA tested or approved
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