Many ladies might sometimes consider a nail polish that can last for more than 21 days as a beauty miracle. But if you are one of those individuals who were don’t want to use splash out on gels and fed up with the use of a chipped polish, then you might consider using the dip powder nails.
The dip powder nails are the latest trend among the nail lovers out there. This is also a trend that lies between a false nail and regular nail polish. One of the best dip powder nails that you might consider is the dipsy nails. In this post, we are going to provide you with a thorough and brief review of the dipsy nails. This product is perfect to those ladies who want to make their nails look more attractive and smoother. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

What are Dipsy Nails?

When we say Dipsy Nails, we are referring to a product that is mostly used by women to add some art to their nails. It is manufactured with the use of the special mixture of liquids and acrylic powders or SNS nail kit.
If you want to seal your current polish, the Dipsy Nails will not require you to use the UV nail lights. But rather, all of the colors are on the powder form. To use this, all you need to do is to dip your nail into the pot of the powdered colors in between your top and base coats.
It cannot be denied, mostly by the ladies out there, that nail dipping is one of the most satisfying things that you can do. One of the advantages that you can get from using the dipsy nails is that they can last longer than regular nail polish.

What Makes Dipsy Nails Great?

One of the reasons why dipsy nails are popular is that the powdered nail colors are stored in the cute little pots. You can also choose your favorite nail color. Aside from that, they have non-toxic and odorless powders. Not only that, but it can also be used easily. If you are going to take care of your newly powdered nails, it can last for about a month. Another thing that you will surely love about this product is that it features a water-like shimmer on it, which will make your nails more beautiful and elegant.


  • The manufacturer provides you with a wide range of powdered nail colors that you can choose from
  • They are less expensive compared with the other brands
  • The powder is non-toxic and odorless, which means it is safe to apply on your nails
  • The process of applying it can be done within five to eight minutes. It is easy and simple to apply
  • They are stored in a cute little pot


  • If you do not take care of your powdered nails properly, it might not last longer than you expected.

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  1. Shannon

    This company is a scam. I placed an order on April 5th and shamefully didn’t do enough research in advance. The products are from China, that is if you ever get your order. Mine still says it is in transit w/no details. I asked for a refund or status of shipment and the company won’t provide any details. This looks to be consistent feedback as I do further google searches on consumer feedback.

  2. Teri Smith

    The company is a scam. I placed an order on April 15th, Its now June 3 and nothing has showed up. I contacted the company and they sent me a tracking number that is not valid. I asked for a refund, no reply. I guess anyone can advertise a product on Facebook.

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