Keeping a safe and clean air to breathe is lifesaving. Especially when you are a patient with respiratory issues, you will surely invest in an efficient CPAP cleaner that does all the work for you. Just imagine how hard and time consuming you will clean your CPAP tubes to make sure you have fresh air. It is a tough job to be done instantly. That is why it must be your top priority to get rid of bacteria, microorganisms, and dust that can stay inside your tubes.

Greatly, among all the brands, CleanZone is the best choice. When you want to stay healthy and sleep peacefully, this affordable two-in-one cleaner and sanitizer CPAP cleaner can solve all your problems. Once you attach your tube within a single press, it will automatically clean 99 % of germs and bacteria in just a few minutes. It will clean the entire surface of your CPAP tube, including the reservoir and the mask. You could readily use it without any chemicals or water. Since it is built-in with an optimized oxygen generator, you can assure that you have a continuous supply of activated oxygen. It is also a portable and lightweight one so whenever you want to go, you could always bring it with you. You could always save as it has a lifelong rechargeable battery with free maintenance. It works well with all type of CPAP machines which covers eligibility in FSA and HSA.

However, without proper effective cleaning, your CPAP unit could not work as it should be. So, it is indeed a must that you handle and clean it every day. Whereas for the water reservoir it is recommended to be clean weekly. As for your mask, you could use CPAP wipes to remove oils and dirt. The water reservoir can be detached and open for maximum cleaning. Make sure to remove excess water before you do so. Before you clean your CPAP unit, make sure that you have a full charge battery, and you put in all your units inside a cleaning zip bag. Once you press the button, a blue light will appear, which indicates that it is working. It will last for 30 minutes so while waiting you can read your books or watch a TV show. After once, it will ring three times, which means that cleaning is done. From there, you must let your hose, mask, and water reservoir inside the zip bag for an additional one hour to obtain regulated oxygen.

When we speak about quality and prize, CleanZone is worth it. When you purchase the package, it goes along with a free CPAP mask disinfecting bag set. In contrast, to its competitors, it has a reasonable price with a 60-day refund guarantee. You could have the CPAP machine together with two CPAP tube connecter for only 99.99 dollars. Within 30 days of shipment, you can now have the CPAP machine in the palm of your hands, which can help you breathe conveniently with no worries.

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  1. Tommy

    Bought a Clean Zone from FeelGood, and it worked fine for a couple of weeks. Then it needed to be recharged about every three cleanings. Finally, it would not recharge at all. No link on website for 60 day guarantee return, so no way to send it back without a real hassle. Do not buy this product.

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