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Is this Campbell Posture Cane answer to your back and knee problems?

The Campbell Posture Cane is purported to be one of the best canes to buy if you have limited mobility. This cane is specially designed, and it could be what you have been missing to walk around with ease, even if you only get to walk around for a few minutes.

About the Campbell Posture Cane

But as you already know, canes are not designed in the same way. And this Campbell posture cane is one of the uniquely designed canes around. According to its manufacturer, this cane has a unique design which combines the revolutionary power of ABS plastic handle which takes the pressure off your wrist and the shoulders. This cane features a standup stability tip said to support and deliver remarkable 360-degrees traction. It also boasts a maximum of 12 adjustable heights for custom fits of between 37” to 46”.

The cane is also advertised as a uniquely designed cane that supports the full strength of your body, helping you walk a bit more upright and with less pain. The cane is also purported to improve your posture and even to change your line of sight forward, not down.

Thanks to this cane, you’ll also get up from your chair with ease, and once you stand, it will keep you balanced, secure, safe, and also comfortable. It is said that this cane will help you navigate the stairs, hills, the sidewalks, and even uneven terrain with ease.

Its lightweight construction from the use of sturdy aluminum makes the cane easy to carry.

The company also notes that if you experience lower back/ body pains regularly and other mobility issues, the cane is expected to address the issues with ease.

But, how is all this possible? How is one cane capable of so much? What makes it a unique cane? Is it that unique? Is it better than other canes on the market? Is it worth your money?

Top features of the Campbell Posture Cane

Unique engineering – this cane is biomechanically designed to support your whole body strength while improving your posture dramatically. The engineering of this cane is also meant to help you walk upright while improving your line of sight, enhancing your mobility and balance in the process. Its engineering also allows you to walk confidently on uneven and rather insecure/ unsafe surfaces while letting you stand with ease from your seated position.

Thanks to this biomechanical engineering, this cane helps with your gait’s stability (and instability) because it’s uniquely designed to hold your weight while remaining comfortable.

Height Adjustment design – this cane boasts 12 adjustment height that allows you a more custom fit for users from 5’ to 6’2”

Sturdy Design – the cane is made using high-quality, lightweight, and sturdy aluminum which makes the cane easy to carry, and it also gives the cane the ability to handle your weight. It also comes with a revolutionary handle with an ergonomic grip for comfort and the support of your hands. On the downside, however, this cane’s grip is not the most reliable design of cane.

There also is a 360-degree self-standing cane stability tip that not only eases the use of the cane but also increases the versatility of the cane on different surfaces. This self-standing tip is made of heavy-duty rubber that enhances the tip’s traction. Being a six-point tip, this cane offers better contact and stability with the ground on uneven and flat surfaces.

This Campbell Cane is also lightweight and foldable, enhancing its portability.

Technically speaking, a cane is capable of supporting your weight only if it has the perfect bend from where the hands rest, and also the cane must be sitting on the upper part of the individual’s thigh muscles, exactly where the cane meets your lower part of your hip bone. So, the arm that holds the cane, one on the opposite side of the injury should be bent at a 20-degree angle.

Note, however, that this Campbell Posture Cane is designed to look a lot like a walking stick, and is, therefore, preferable for high-functioning patients who need walking canes for exercise rather than actual support from bad limb injuries.

Besides the rather apt classification of this cane as a walking cane which puts the cane in the same category as the trekking poles, the other issue with this cane is that its tip could skid.

The other issue is that the cane is quite expensive and it doesn’t come with any warranty.

But, even with these issues, most of the people using the cane report an improvement of posture, pain reduction, an upright gait, an improved balance, and even better alignment.

Choosing the right cane

Note that even though this cane has received glowing reviews for most of its users, it’s important that you know what you should be looking for when buying a posture cane. Given a market with this Campbell Posture Cane, the trekking poles and the traditional canes, how do you choose the cane that minimizes your pain?

Reason for using the cane – while traditional canes come in handy when it comes to stability and mobility issues, a cane such as this Campbell Posture Cane is helpful for persons experiencing arthritis and other forms of chronic pain affecting their upper extremities. So, if you’re buying a cane, make sure it addresses the problem you’re dealing with. On top of it all, make sure that the cane offers the support you seek.

Height adjustment – for a cane to help you with a medical issue or general discomfort, it must fit your body well. This Campbell Cane is one of the best as it’s not just adjustable, but also made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum.

Finally, the cane you choose should provide an excellent grip to reduce pain.


  • Height adjustment
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sturdy aluminum
  • Improves posture and balance


  • Unsuitable for serious illnesses

So, should you buy this Campbell Posture Cane?

Well, yes and no. Yes, this cane is appropriate if you need a cane to deal with a mild issue that needs minimal support and balance. This cane is not, however, recommended if you need maximum support to stand or if you cannot walk, and also if you don’t get your doctor’s go ahead.

Note, however, that you shouldn’t use any type of cane is you have a chronic illness, gait instability, poor eyesight, or extremely poor balance.

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