I have always taken an interest to posture pillows, and I’ve been searching for the one that I am most comfortable with in a really long time. There are a lot of good posture pillows out there, but the Angel Sleeper pillow is much greater than the others that are being sold in the public market. This posture pillow is for side and back sleepers, and I just so happen to be a side sleeper.

Let me remind you that the Angel Sleeper pillow is from the company Copper Fit. So that if you try their posture pillow and fall in love with it, you can go through more products that the Copper Fit provides. It has the standard size and also a king-size, so if you don’t like the standard size, there will be a much better size for you.

With this posture pillow, the stiffness and aches that are in your neck, back, and also shoulders will be reduced. I’ve never tried a posture pillow that really helped with the aches that I have been having until I met the Angel Sleeper pillow. They are formed with a memory foam that is superior and adaptive, for a proper neck and spine alignment, it has posture-correct contours, it will help in reducing the stress and pressure that is on your body. They have this unique cut-out rests for your arms to be in its comfortable and natural sleeping position, it’s pillowcase is copper- infused, soft, and can be washed through a machine which can help in reducing the bacteria and odor.

Time for some storytime! I stumbled upon this amazing posture pillow through the internet while I was just surfing on my social media networks, and I saw the commercial for the Angel Sleeper pillow. I thought to myself, why not try another posture pillow? There was never a time where I found the perfect one while testing other posture pillows, I almost gave up on searching for the right one, but then I saw the Angel Sleeper pillow, and I couldn’t pass the chance.

I am a person that will pull an all-nighter on my work if I have too, and there are times that I had to sacrifice my sleep for work. There were a lot of back, shoulder, and neck aches, and I hated it. My sister also has been dealing with these aches. Once it arrived, we immediately fell in love with how perfect it looked and fell deeper in love with it once we tried it. Now, we are ache-free thanks to Angel Sleeper pillow.

I also recommended this posture pillow to some of my family members and friends, and my sister did the same. Trust me. Once we introduced the Angel Sleeper pillow to other people, they wanted nothing more than to try it. The Angel Sleeper pillow is the best posture pillow that I have tested. I am now able to rest perfectly and comfortably. They also do free shipping if you purchase two sleepers, just a heads up!

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  1. Judy Martin

    I bought 2 angel sleeper pillows thought this pillow would be great for my neck, this is the worst pillow I have every tried to sleep on it is soft to touch but it is like putting your head on a brick I would never recommend it to anyone it is a waste of money!

  2. Darrell McAlpin

    Ordered 2 King Size Pillow they were not THE QUALITY AS ADVERTISED. I paid $ 129.88 plus shipping. The pillows were very small side sleep did not provide a place to relax your arm while sleeping. Delivery bag was covered with water and mud (not their fault) USPS delivery. I opened the box and the bag the pillow was in the zipper was torn. The pillows looked as though they were previously returned and then shipped to me. I returned the pillow 4/29/20 and was charged $ 40.55 to ship them back. I called today 5/27/20 for a status of my refund and held over an hour. The representative who answered did not identify herself it took a minute to find my order and I was told the refund was issued 5/26/20 and to allow (5) business days for it to reflect in my account. I asked if I would be refunded for the shipping charge and she stated no. The rep was very short and did not want to answer any questions. After holding all that time I forgot to ask the amount of the refund. This pillow is not what they are advertising to spend that much money on a pillow and to be told satisfaction guaranteed or your money back is a joke and misleading. I would not recommend them to anyone. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PILLOW IF YOU ARE EXPECTING A BETTER NIGHT SLEEP BECAUSE YOU WILL LOSE MORE THAN YOU GAIN.

  3. Ab

    I purchased a King side pillow, but received a standard size one instead. I cannot get ahold of anyone to get my King size pillow. The 1 800 number listed is not working. I tried their email, and noone responds. I don’t recommend this Company nor it’s products.

  4. Mic

    We purchased what was supposed to be 2 king sized pillows. What arrived to us stated on the packaging that it was King Size – not even close. It was exactly the same size as a standard pillow. That was problem #1. The pillows were soft and the cover was nice, but it STUNK! Smelled like a cross between rubber and something old & musty, problem #2. Problem #3 surfaced very quickly when I turned from my side to my back. Who wants to have to flip your pillow every time you turn in the night? Not me. I was exhausted by morning and had a sore neck. We decided that this product isn’t for us. As stated – “30 day money back guarantee – minus shipping & handling” was now seeming like a good thing . Until we get to the post office and it costs $54 to send these pillows back! This is a joke! This seems like a great deal for the company. You pay $59.99 per pillow and get nailed for as much in shipping to return. I wouldn’t recommend this company or their products to anyone. I see other reviews about slow refunds. You may see another not so pleasing review from me if that is the issue. You do realize there are a lot of pillow companies out there with far better products, customer service and reputations? You’re out of your league.

  5. Susan

    Thank you. And this is why I always look for reviews 1st. I was burnt once! And I will not be fooled again. I know now. To review, review,review. Has stop me from buying many things, now.. Thank you again for your review.but sorry for the aggravation you had to go though. But I bet you will look for reviews before buying now. By and God Bless

  6. Shawn M Thomas

    Really glad I found this site. Saved me some time and dough! Sorry for all your bad experiences but thank you for taking the time to help others from making the same mistake.

  7. Carrie

    Thank u! I can’t get a hold of anyone – they hang up every time u call, no one replies to emails – wasn’t sure it was worth it but Mic answered my exact q – what happens when u roll from ur back to ur side. Certainly not worth trying for all the return hassles. Saved me my money! Thx!

  8. Tina

    Thank you so much for being honest . I was so excited and curious about this product. But now due to the reviews I am definitely not interested in purchasing this product nor dealing with their company. Thank you again I am sorry for the difficulties you had to deal with.

  9. Susan

    Thank you From stopping me from trying it.

  10. Thomas Jason Coffey

    I bought the pillow and am very satisfied. No aches in my shoulders! Not sure about anyone else but I had a great sleep and woke refreshed.

  11. Carole

    This is my go to site before ordering advertised items. You have saved me lots of aggravation and money. Thank you.

  12. Judi

    Called as well as sent them an email. No one picks up the phone and they do not respond to your emails. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

  13. Ash

    If you want better sleep, any other pillow is a better option than this ‘angel sleeper’. You will wake up sore and with more pain than you started with. This company is absolutely ridiculous and won’t answer your calls or emails. Trying to return these products costs just as much and has been a huge headache. I wish I had found this site before ordering! Please don’t waste your time, money or sleep over this product!!

    1. Ash

      *Update to my previous entry*
      The company finally got back to me after several weeks and issued a refund! As unhappy as I was with the products, I am thankful to have received my money back!

  14. Debra

    My husband wanted to try the Angel Sleeper Copper Fit Pillow this last week. As he is needs to be inclined due to his stroke and snoring it did not work out for him. I just went to return it to the company at the post office. To return it in the original box it was going to cost me $64.00!!!! The pillow with shipping was only $51.00. I stuffed it in a large Priority box for $21.00. Ridiculous!!!! You should include a return label and deduct the cost for the original total!!!
    Very unhappy!!!! Should have bought from Amazon!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! Rip off!!!

  15. Connie

    This site has been quite helpful in my research of this pillow. I thought it was going to be the miracle I was looking for. Thanks to all the reviewers for saving me time, money, and grief. I will not be purchasing this pillow.

  16. Elon

    This pillow is HORRIBLE! I’m Trying to find out how to return it. It was very uncomfortable. It in no way lives up to the advertisements.

  17. Bill

    I bought my King Size at BED BATH and BEYOND, just got them in as of 9/15/20, same price, 90 day return policy. Have only used 1 night, cant remember which is side, which is back. Both ways good so far. Will practice! ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ

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